Phil Sondeen

Phil and Loumar Sondeenphil sondeen

Phil Sondeen died peacefully at home on February 1. His health had declined rapidly after a recent fall. During his final hours Phil was surrounded by his family with music in the background from his favorite orchestra (Lawrence Welk). No public services are planned at this time. Phil was a pillar of Northside Community Church, fulfilling many leadership roles over time, particularly in relationship to the physical plant.

His kindness and gentle humor are also clearly remembered by those who knew him. Very seldom did anything happen at Northside Community Church that Phil was not there.  He will be deeply missed.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Loumar (they were married 66 years!) and all of Phil’s family members.


To view the full obituary, click the 1st link below.

To download the full obituary, click 2nd link.

Sondeen Obituary

Sondeen Obituary.doc


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